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Alaskan Blackberry Indica Dominant Flower

Alaskan Blackberry is a rare indica-leaning hybrid with an inviting aroma of fuel and berries. The strain was developed by Matanuska Thunder Seeds to compete in the 2016 Northwest Cannabis Classic in Anchorage, where it was awarded best indica. The breeder never produced more seeds, but the strain has been kept in circulation by cloning the the original phenotypes.
Strain Type: Indica-Dominant
THC Content: 23-26%
Parent Strains: Obama Kush x (Blackberry x Goji OG)
Fragrance and Flavour: The Alaskan Blackberry strain has a widely appealing scent, mixing sweet, tangy berries with a sharp hint of fuel and the fresh, clean scent of pine. It starts with a delicious berry aroma, inviting like your favorite treats. Then, it gets a bit bold with a noticeable fuel scent, piquing your curiosity. To round it all off, there's a refreshing pine smell that brings a bit of nature into the mix. It’s a combination that’s interesting, enjoyable, and perfect for anyone looking to explore different scents. These traits come together to create a rich, smooth smoke that has an enjoyable freshness to it.
Aesthetics: Alaskan Blackberry's flowers are deep green with pink and purple hues inherited from her Obama Kush stock. The buds in this harvest are firm, medium-dense and well-manicured. We think this batch presents exceptional value. It delivers on aroma, taste, potency, and bag appeal - all at a price that's hard to argue with!

Alaskan Blackberry Cannabis Flower (Indica)

PriceFrom C$30.00
  • 23-26%