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Berry Pie is an exotic sativa dominant strain that was collaboratively developed by Cookies and Seed Junkie Genetics. It offers an appeasing combination of sweet berry flavors with a hint of creamy tartness. Loved for its ability to boost mood and creativity, it makes a great choice for social gatherings or solo brainstorming sessions. With a balanced high that keeps you alert and focused, and a rich inviting fragrance, Berry Pie is the ideal strain for daytime use. 
Strain Type: Sativa Dominant Hybrid
THC Content: 23-26%
Fragrance and Flavour Profile: Berry Pie's fragrance has a balanced blend of sweet and tart notes, much like the dessert it's named after, filling the room with a fruity inviting fragrance that promises a relaxing yet stimulating experience. Dominant terpenes such as myrcene, limonene, and caryophyllene contribute to its distinctive aroma and taste. Myrcene adds a ripe berry scent, while limonene introduces a citrusy twist, and caryophyllene offers a hint of spicy warmth, rounding out the strain's complex bouquet.
When smoked or vaped, you're greeted by the luscious sweetness of ripe berries, followed immediately by a refreshing tartness. This balance ensures that the sweetness is never overwhelming on the palate. Rich creamy undertones further enhance the strain's flavour, creating a smooth, enjoyable smoke that lingers pleasantly.
Effects: Berry Pie typically offers a balanced high that enhances mood and stimulates creativity without overwhelming the senses. You may find yourself feeling more talkative and engaged at social events or collaborative projects. Its uplifting effects can also help with tackling mundane tasks by adding a dash of inspiration and enjoyment to your routine.
For those seeking relief from stress or looking to escape a bout of the blues, Berry Pie can be a helpful ally. Its mood-enhancing properties gently ease anxiety and lighten the weight of daily pressures. Its ability to foster focus and alertness makes it a suitable option for daytime use, helping you stay productive.
Aesthetics: This batch of craft-grown Berry Pie contains super-frosty moss green flowers accented with subtle purples and pinks. The buds are medium-dense and vary in size, but are uniformly firm and nicely manicured. 
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Berry Pie Cannabis Flower (Sativa)

PriceFrom C$23.00
  • 23-26%

  • Sweet berries, sour citrus, earthy

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