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Big Buddha Cheese Indica Dominant Cannabis Flower

If you enjoy the occassional homage to fromage, don't miss out on Big Buddha Cheese, an award winning indica-dominant cannabis strain bred from the original Cheese and select Afghani genetics. Big Buddha Seeds out of the UK is credited with developing the first Cheese cultivars, and this is their flagship cheese variety. With bulbous, trichome-laden laden buds that give off a delectable fragrance of ripe blueberries and brie, there's a lot to love about this flower.


Strain Type: 60% Indica - Big Buddha Cheese can express itself as evenly-balanced or lean towards indica. This harvest comes from an indica dominant phenotype. 


THC Content: 24-27%


Fragrance and Flavour Profile: Most Cheese strains we've encountered can be placed on a spectrum of cheesy-ness. There's UK Cheese with it's intensely pungent aroma of ripe cheese, and Blue Cheese which is more of a fruity cultivar with creamy notes. Big Buddha Cheese falls right in the middle of this spectrum. The scent is a sweet, balanced blend of berries and mature cheese, held together with subtle notes of skunk. When smoked, the savoury flavour is softened by a creamy sweetness and hints of fuel, making Big Buddha Cheese a very enjoyable smoke. 


Effects: Big Buddha Cheese delivers effects typical to what you'd expect from a quality indica leaning strain. Your mind drifts to a peaceful place and your stress begins to melt away. Full body relaxation ensues as your muscles start to relax and minor aches and discomfort fade into the background. If you have a higher tolerance you can enjoy Big Buddha Cheese any time of day. If you're new to cannabis, we'd save this one for the evenings. 


Quality Assurance: This batch of Big Buddha Cheese is part of our premium Crafty Cuts collection. That's our guarantee that you'll get buds that were cultivated without compromise. Beautifully trimmed, cured and packaged with the right amount of Boveda moisture control, we make sure every Crafty Cuts bag delivers a satisfying experience till the very last puff. Order top-tier Big Buddha Cheese indica dominant flower from StrainSeek, available for same-day delivery in London, or express shipping anywhere in Canada. 

Big Buddha Cheese Cannabis Flower (Indica)

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