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Blueberry Pancakes Premium Indica Dominant Flower

We dare you to resist the lure of our connoisseur cut of Blueberry Pancakes. This luxurious indica calms you with its relaxing effects while it charms you with its purple-flaked flowers and sweet buttery fragrance. Mmmm pancakes! 
Strain Type: Indica Dominant
THC Content: 24-28%
Parent Strains: The genetic makeup of Blueberry Pancakes remains debated, but judging by appearance and traits it's safe to say that the original DJ Short Blueberry strain was a heavy influence. 
Fragrance and Flavour: When you open up a bag of of Blueberry Pancakes, you're immediately taken in by its comforting sugary aroma. The scent evokes memories of a cozy Sunday breakfast - ripe blueberries and warm pancakes fresh off the griddle, with a dab of maple syrup. As you break apart the dense buds, you'll start to notice more herbal and kushy notes reminding you that this is something you'll smoke, and not dessert. 
The flavour of Blueberry Pancakes varies based on your consumption method. When smoked, the taste is primarily sweet, creamy and earthy. Vaping this strain brings out a more fruity and vibrant flavour, with the berry notes in the foreground. 
Effects: Kick tension and stress to the curb with Blueberry Pancakes' soul-soothing high. Its indica effects can enrich your evenings with an instant mood boost, followed by a rush of blissful calm. The strain's comforting effects make it an ideal selection for a restful night in with some popcorn and a good flick, or an effective remedy for insomnia, anxiety, and muscle soreness.
Quality: Our premium harvest of Blueberry Pancakes has outstanding bag appeal. Expect superdense trichome-laden buds, with a manicure that will impress even the toughest of critics. Our Crafty Cuts seal of approval is another layer of assurance that this batch of Blueberry Pancakes is among the finest flowers on our shelves! 

Blueberry Pancakes Cannabis Flower (Indica)

PriceFrom C$28.00
  • 24-28%

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