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Blueberry Silvertip is a rare and sought-after strain with an equal blend of indica and sativa characteristics. This cultivar is a cross between the legendary Blueberry, and Montana Silvertip strains, and offers a sumptuously fruity flavour with well-rounded effects. 

Strain Type: Balanced Hybrid

THC Content: 22-25%

Fragrance and Flavour Profile: Blueberry Silvertip is a real delight to the senses. It excites the taste buds with the rich fruity flavor of ripe blueberries along with a subtle undertone of sage.The smell is just as rich, combining herbs and florals with sweet berries and tropical fruits. With a terpene profile that's heavy on myrcene, pinene, and linalool, it's no surprise this strain tastes as good as it smells.

Effects: True to great hybrids, Blueberry Silvertip delivers a balanced and soothing high. Like a comforting embrace, it begins by gently alleviating the stress and anxiety of the day. It then evolves into a comfortable state of happiness that spreads throughout the body, relieving pain and inflammation without inducing couch-lock. 

Aesthetics: Blueberry Silvertip produces visually captivating flowers that pay homage to it's Blueberry parentage. Dense minty green buds are interspersed with eyecatching neon green leaves, while vibrant orange stigmas and a lavish coating of milky white trichomes add to the allure. The buds in this batch vary in size, but most are medium to large and neatly manicured. 

Blueberry Silvertip Cannabis Flower (Hybrid)

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  • 22-25%

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