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The lumberjacks are back! Celebrate the spirit of backcountry Canada with CDN Edibles 500mg THC Gummies. These patriotically themed weed gummies will remind you of candy runs to the cornerstore with their perfectly dialled-in taste and texture. 


Each pack contains 500mg THC, derived from triple filtered THC distillate. Triple filtration is a process that removes impurites from the concentrate and increases its overall potency. Importantly for edibles, it also eliminates any unpleasant aftertaste in the final product.


From the sun-kissed sweetness of Alberta Cherries to the fruity burst of Nova Scotia Strawberries, each pack of CDN Edibles is a tribute to the vibrant landscapes and fantastic flavours of Canada. 


CDN Edibles THC gummies are peanut-free, gluten-free, and made with Halal, Kosher and vegan-friendly ingredients. 


Available Now:

  • Ontario Sweet Peach (10 x 50mg THC)
  • Yukon Jumbo Keys (4 x 125mg THC)
  • Nova Scotia Strawberries (10 x 50mg THC)
  • Keys to Newfoundland (10 x 50mg THC)
  • Alberta Cherries (10 x 50mg THC)

More flavours and stock coming soon!

CDN Edibles 500mg THC Gummies