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Donkey Butter is an indica-dominant hybrid, a distinctive creation by Exotic Genetix, stemming from a cross between Grease Monkey and Triple OG. This strain is celebrated for its high THC content, typically ranging between 25% and 28%, positioning it as a formidable choice for those in search of a potent experience​​​​.

Lineage: The genetic makeup of Donkey Butter combines the robust characteristics of its parent strains. Grease Monkey contributes its spicy and skunky flavor profile, while Triple OG brings a grounding, earthy base. Together, they produce a strain that's both aromatic and deeply sedating, making Donkey Butter a favorite among indica lovers​​​​.

Aroma and Flavour: Donkey Butter is renowned for its rich, diesel-like aroma with undercurrents of earthiness and pine, delivering a pungent and spicy scent that precedes its equally complex flavor profile. Tasters of Donkey Butter will note the predominant diesel and pine flavors, enhanced by a skunky and spicy aftertaste that lingers on the palate​​​​.

Effects: This strain presents mostly calming effects, offering a heavy body high that's both euphoric and relaxing. Users often experience a significant uplift in mood, leading to feelings of happiness and contentment. It's particularly effective in alleviating chronic pain, headaches, migraines, and stress, making it a valuable strain for medical marijuana patients seeking relief from these conditions​​​​.

Aesthetics: Donkey Butter produces dense, dark buds that are a visual testament to its potency. The flowers are characterized by their pale-green hue and fine, sepia-colored hairs. The buds' swollen calyxes are coated with tiny trichomes, giving them a shimmering appearance that's as enticing as its effects​​.

Shipping and Delivery: For those seeking a potent indica with a complex flavor profile and a broad spectrum of therapeutic benefits, Donkey Butter represents an excellent choice. Its sedating effects make it ideal for evening use, providing a deep relaxation that can help with sleep issues, such as insomnia, in addition to its pain-relieving properties​​​​. Order the Donkey Butter strain from StrainSeek and avail the convenience of same day delivey in London, or express shipping to wherever you live in Canada. 

Donkey Butter Cannabis Flower (Indica)

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  • 24-27%

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