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14 Grams AAAA Cold Cured Flower - Frost Factory

Frost Factory is a Canadian cultivator that produces some of the finest quad flower available in Canada. Craft-grown in small batches, all their cannabis is cold cured for maximum flavour and hand-trimmed with attention to detail. The buds are then tightly packed into a pressurized can to ensure long-lasting freshness. 


The Frost Factory team specializes in sourcing exotic strains and cross-breeding cannabis genetics. This enables them to continue introducing exciting new hybrids with unique terpene profiles, alongside classic favourites. Regardless of which strain you pick, rest assured that you'll get delicious, hard-hitting, icy, trichome-covered buds. 


Each can contains 14g of AAAA cannabis flower. If you’re looking for premium weed that brings about a whole new level of satisfaction, Frost Factory Cold Cured Quads are definitely for you!


    Current Strains: 

    Alpha Blue - Sativa dominant with sweet, citrus, berry notes bred from Blue Dream and NYC Diesel. THC 24-27%

    Purple Space Cookies - Indica dominant with sweet, grape, berry, fruity notes bred from Girl Scout Cookies and Durban Poison. THC 23-27%

    Capulator - Balanced hybrid with fruity, floral and earthy notes. THC 25-29%

    Cereal Milk - Balanced hybrid with creamy, berry, sugary notes bred from Snowman and Y Life. THC 24-27%

    Super Cherry Pie - Indica dominant boutique cut of Cherry Pie with sweet, fruity, cookie notes bred from Graddaddy Purple and Durban Poison. THC 23-27%

    Frosted Fruitcake - Indica dominant with citrus, berry, gas notes bred from Fruity Pebbles and Wedding Cake. THC 24-29%


    Get With The Lingo

    Cold curing is a sophisticated technique used to process cannabis buds, in which harvested flowers are hang-dried for longer periods, and at lower temperatures and humidity than traditional methods of curing. When done right, this low and slow method produces a refined final product - top tier flower bursting with flavour and potency. 

    Quads (short for Quadruple-A), is a term used by cannabis connoisseurs and enthusiasts to indicate the overall quality and potency of the buds, with the quad rating reserved for the highest quality, top-shelf cannabis.

    Frost Factory AAAA Cold Cured Cannabis Flower (14g)