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Fruit Loops Hybrid Cannabis Flower

Start your day right with a bowl of Fruit Loops! This perfectly balanced hybrid flower is aptly named for its wonderful aroma of sweet berries and creamy vanilla. Unlike its cereal namesake, the Fruit Loops weed strain provides the comfort you crave without a side of sugar and calories.

Strain Type: Balanced Hybrid

THC Content: 23-26%

Parent Strains: White Widow, Blue Dream, Grapefruit

Fragrance and Flavour: Fruit Loops has a cheerful, comforting aroma akin to opening a box of your favourite cereal. Top notes of sweet vanilla and blueberry stand out over an earthy base. As you get into it, you’ll notice more subtle scents of grapefruit and spice whirling together to create an appetizing bouquet. 

When smoked, the flower has a sweet inhale with slight remnants of vanilla, and tastes more earthy on the exhale. 

Effects: Fruit Loops is an excellent strain for those seeking relief during a busy day, as it can help ease stress and tension while still allowing for mental clarity and sociability. Its balanced nature also makes it suitable for a variety of activities, from enjoying creative pursuits to engaging in social gatherings or simply unwinding at the end of the day. 

Aesthetics: This choice harvest features firm, medium-dense buds that are cleanly trimmed to showcase their attractive appearance. The Fruit Loops plant bears beautiful neon green flowers adorned with fine peachy stigmas and a crystalline coat of trichomes.

Fruit Loops Cannabis Flower (Hybrid)

PriceFrom C$22.00
  • THC 23-26%

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