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Fuji OG Indica Dominant Flower

We may have rolled our eyes the first time we heard that Fuji OG smells like Fuji apples. Now that we have our hands on some, we'll be damned, it does smell like Fuji apples. If you like sweet, fruity strains with loud terpene profiles and potency to match, then this exotic indica is for you. 

Strain Type: Indica-dominant (70% indica)

THC Content: 23-27%

Parent Strains: Larry OG, Kurple Fantasy, Apple Fritter

Fragrance and Flavour: Fuji OG has a loud aroma with top notes of honey and tart citrus. You may detect floral and woody notes below, but fruity and tangy take center stage. The sweet scent pulls you in, the same way a fresh piece of fruit would, inviting you to enjoy its bounty. 

Fuji OG delivers a rich full-bodied smoke that's sweet on the inhale with a smooth berry taste on the exhale. The sweetness is noticeable in the flavour, but not as strong as you'd expect from the scent. 

Effects: The high from Fuji OG is exactly what you'd want from a top-shelf indica hybrid. It quickly shushes the chatter in your head, and massages the stiffness and tension away from your muscles. Hybridized genetics keep the couch-lock away, allowing you to feel relaxed yet productive.

Quality: This small-batch harvest of Fuji OG is part of Crafty Cuts, our lineup of premium craft weed. Expect terpy, resinous buds that satisfy! Limited stock available. 

Fuji OG Cannabis Flower (Indica)

PriceFrom C$28.00
  • 23-27%