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Gastro Pop Indica Dominant Flower

We’re excited to bring you Gastro Pop, a rare and exceptionally flavourful indica dominant cannabis strain. This sought-after cultivar fills the room with its flamboyantly loud tropical aroma. Its puffy, resin-rich buds will make your fingers slightly sticky, and your dreams so much sweeter. 

Strain Type: Indica-dominant (70% indica)

THC Content: 25-29%

Parent Strains: Apples + Bananas x Grape Gas

Fragrance & Flavour: The Gastro Pop strain is heavy on the terpenes. It has the kind of ripe, fruity scent that travels up your nose until you can almost taste it. The primary profile is a vibrant blend of sweet and tart notes like grape, mango, apple and berry. An underlying twist of citrus ties it together like dressing  drizzled on top of a fruit salad. The flower tastes just as delicious as it smells, with a sweet, full-bodied inhale. Whether you’re smoking or vaping it, this bud delivers heaps of flavour. 

Effects: Gastro Pop is no slouch in the potency department either, its calming effects can be felt almost instantly. The buzz sweeps across you, bringing physical and cerebral relaxation without making you feel too heavy or tied to the couch. The high can adapt to your mood - whether you’re looking to be lulled to sleep or something to take the edge off and renew your focus. 

Quality: This limited batch of Gastro Pop is part of Crafty Cuts, our collection of premium craft cannabis. We select only the stickiest, ickiest top-shelf flowers that raise the bar for fragrance, flavour and potency to new heights. You’ll taste the difference in every puff.

Gastro Pop Cannabis Flower (Indica)

PriceFrom C$24.00
  • 25-28%