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1 Gram Live Resin - High Voltage Extracts

High Voltage Extracts is a Canadian concentrate manufacturer that specializes in producing connoisseur grade cannabis extracts. They've mastered the art of extracting terp sauce and live resin that perfectly captures the essence of the flower it was made from, using some of the finest BC grown buds, cutting-edge technology, and skill that only comes with years of experience. 


High Voltage Live Resin is a fragrant and flavourful representation of the best that Canadian cannabis has on offer. HVE Live Resin comes packaged in a 1g glass jars and is available in a (frequently updated) variety of classic and exotic strains.



  • Girl Scout Pebbles is a delicious indica dominant strain that combines the genetics of Girl Scout Cookies and Fruity Pebbles OG. It merges sweet, cookie-like notes with the fruity zest of its cereal namesake, leading to a delightful sensory experience. 
  • Crying Rhino is a high-THC hybrid created through crossing White Widow with Blueberry. With 60% sativa genetics, this strain offers both relaxation and rejuvenation.
  • Purple Drank Breath is a perfectly balanced hybrid strain, born from the union of Purple Punch and Mendo Breath F2, featuring a rich berry candy flavor with notes of sour citrus and tropical fruits.


What is Live Resin?

Unlike other cannabis extracts that are made from dried and cured buds, live resin is produced using fresh cannabis flowers that are frozen immediately after harvest. This process helps to preserve the terpenes, which are the aromatic compounds in cannabis that contribute to its scent, flavour, and potentially to its effects as well. The preservation of these terpenes is what makes live resin distinct, as it tends to have a more vibrant and flavourful terpene profile compared to other types of concentrates.


Live resin is highly prized among cannabis enthusiasts for its intense flavours and aromas, as well as its potential to provide a more nuanced and complex experience due to the wide range of terpenes preserved in the concentrate. It is typically more expensive than other forms of cannabis concentrates due to the specialized equipment and process required to produce it, as well as the fresh plant material needed for its production.


Choosing High Quality Live Resin

The consistency of live resin can vary depending on the specific extraction method and the original plant material used, but it generally has a viscous, sticky texture that can be sappy or slightly runny, and in some cases, it may be more solid and crumbly.

A high-quality live resin should look glossy and fresh, with a certain translucency that suggests it has been properly processed and preserved. The presence of a bright, rich color and a glossy sheen often indicates a high terpene content, which contributes to the concentrate's aroma and flavour profiles. 


The aroma and flavour of live resin are also indicators of its quality. When observing live resin, a potent, aromatic smell that closely resembles the original cannabis strain used for its production is a good sign. This strong fragrance is due to the high terpene content preserved in the live resin, further confirming its quality. 

High Voltage Live Resin | 1 Gram