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M.A.C. Donut Indica Dominant Cannabis Flower
In a seemingly endless ocean of new cannabis hybrids, M.A.C. Donut stands out as a diamond in the rough. Bred from the wildly popular M.A.C. (Miracle Alien Cookies) and the flavour-packed Powdered Donuts strain, this indica-leaning flower expertly balances high potency, refined flavour, and artisanal cultivation to deliver a truly luxurious cannabis experience without the inflated price. 


Strain Type: Indica Dominant Hybrid


THC Content: 25-27%


Fragrance and Flavour: Prepare for a sensory experience as notes of sweet vanilla, damp earth, and a playful hit of diesel tease your nose. M.A.C. Donut inherits much of its aromatic complexity from its legendary parent, M.A.C. 1, known for its bold herbal aroma laced with hints of citrus and spice. However, the influence of Powdered Donuts adds a refreshing twist –  a creamy sweetness that softens the diesel edge, creating a fragrance that quickly draws you in.


This complexity translates beautifully to the flavour for a smooth, velvety smoke with a sweet, vanilla-forward inhale that coats your palate. As you exhale, rich earthy notes weave through the sweetness, followed by a subtle diesel tang that adds satisfying depth and a slightly spicy finish. The Powdered Donuts lineage tames the sharp bite of the classic M.A.C. diesel, resulting in a remarkably well-rounded flavor profile that leaves you wanting more.


Effects: As an indica-dominant hybrid, M.A.C. Donut lulls you into a state of deep relaxation. The tension melts away from your muscles, replaced by a comforting sense of ease. As your body settles into a state of tranquility, your mind follows suit. Worries and racing thoughts fade as calmness washes over you like a warm blanket, leaving you feeling content and peaceful. Due to its potency, users may also experience a sense of drowsiness, making it an excellent choice for winding down in the evening or finding respite from restless nights.


Aesthetics: The M.A.C. Donut strain's natural growth structure produces very dense and compact flowers. Though smaller in size, these expertly manicured lime green buds boast a dazzling display of colour and a decidedly premium aesthetic. Expect hints of vibrant purple and deep green peeking through a shimmering blanket of trichomes. M.A.C. Donut joins our Crafty Cuts line, as part of our continuing focus on delivering exceptional quality cannabis that doesn't break the bank. 


Shipping and Delivery: Bask in the perfect balance of premium quality and value with M.A.C. Donut. Enjoy its potent relaxing effects, refined flavour, and craft cultivation. Order your premium cannabis online with StrainSeek for seamless same-day delivery in London, Ontario, or express shipping anywhere in Canada.

M.A.C. Donut Cannabis Flower (Indica)

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  • 25-27%

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