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Monster APE Mushrooms (Albino Penis Envy x Great White Monster)

Monster APE magic mushrooms are a hybridized variety of the potent and popular Albino Penis Envy (APE), crossbred with Great White Monster p. cubensis. Monster APE produces small fruiting bodies with stout, thick, pale-gray to white hollow stems and shimmering golden-domed caps.


The psilocybin content in these mushrooms is well above average, as is the case with most varieties bred from Penis Envy genetics. When consuming over 2g of this variety, users often report strong visuals, intimate connections with surroundings and deeply reflective, sometimes transformative thinking.


This locally grown batch of Monster APE has great bag-appeal with its beautiful, intact fruits and many intact clusters. Order Monster APE magic mushrooms online, available in 7g, 14g and 28g bags. 

Monster APE (Albino PE x Great White Monster)

PriceFrom C$30.00
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