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Orange Kush Cake Cannabis Flower

Say goodbye to the doldrums and say hello to Orange Kush Cake. A zesty burst of fresh oranges unites with the creamy richness of vanilla frosting in this silky smooth 50/50 hybrid.

Strain Type: Balanced Hybrid

THC Content: 22-25%

Parent Strains: Wedding Cake, known for its sweet, vanilla-like flavour and balanced effects, meets Jilly Bean, a strain celebrated for its fruity, tangy profile and uplifting buzz. Sour Tangie adds a citrusy, diesel aroma and energizing effects. Rose Z brings a floral twist with calming properties, while OG Eddy Lepp contributes earthy undertones and potent relaxation.

Fragrance and Flavour: With such a vibrant lineage, it's no surprise that Orange Kush Cake has a medley of sweet and soothing scents in its bouquet. The zesty aroma of freshly peeled oranges is beautifully intertwined with sweet, creamy notes of vanilla, giving it a dessert-like allure. Subtle floral and diesel accents from its diverse genetic background add depth, creating an aromatic profile that is unique and incredibly refreshing. OKC delivers a very smooth smoke, with a sweet and earthy flavour that tastes great till the last toke.

Effects: Orange Kush Cake is the perfect afternoon pick-me-up strain. It creates a calm space in your mind and makes you feel light on your feet, without making you feel tired. This flower is a great choice for summer activites, socializing, or just taking a break and recharging.

Quality: Our Orange Kush Cake flower has looks that are as impressive as its scent! We've got mostly medium-sized buds that are firm and frosty. Each nug was slow cured to maximize its delightful aroma, and diligently trimmed to showcase its beauty. Float through the long days of summer with a smile on your face with Orange Kush Cake!

Orange Kush Cake Hybrid Cannabis Flower (Hybrid)

PriceFrom C$22.00
  • THC 22-25%

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