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Peacemaker is an old-school sativa cannabis strain, that's also known as Great White Shark.  Bred from White Widow and Super Skunk genetics, this cultivar was widely circulated after it won the top prize in the 1997 Cannabis Cup. If you were around (and smoking weed) in the late 90's, there's a good chance you'll recognize its grassy, pungent aroma and earthy tobacco-like flavour. Peacemaker makes a great daytime smoke with cerebrally uplifting effects. A higher than average amount of CBD helps for those seeking relief from anxiety or inflammation. The buds in this batch are dense, firm and cleanly trimmed. Good value on an ounce! 

Peacemaker (AKA Great White Shark) Cannabis Flower (Sativa)

PriceFrom C$17.00
  • 20-23%