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Peanut Butter Rockstar Indica Dominant Flower

Peanut Butter Rockstar is a righteously dank cannabis strain with all-star indica pedigree. Two of our favourite strains from Thug Pug Genetics, Mendo Breath and Peanut Butter Breath were crossed with the classic Rockstar indica to birth this hashy, hard-hitting variety. Reach for Peanut Butter Rockstar when you need to pull out all the stops and settle into a deep state of chill. 

Strain Type: Indica-dominant (80% indica)

THC Content: 26-30%

Parent Strains: Peanut Butter Breath, Mendo Breath, Rockstar

Fragrance and Flavour: The primary aromas of Peanut Butter Rockstar are woody and piney, reminiscent of traditional Afghani indica strains known for their refreshing forest-like scents. This is accented by a pronounced pungence that intensifies its presence. Subtle undertones of earth and citrus add a lively brightness to the mix, while a more muted nuttiness weaves through and balances out the bouquet. 

With a terpene profile this rich, you can expect some serious flavour. PBR comes through with a luxuriously dense smoke that’s slightly sweet on the inhale with a satisfying hashy/earthy taste on exhale.

Effects: With a THC count of almost 30%, the Peanut Butter Rockstar strain is a great choice for higher tolerances, or for those days when nothing else seems strong enough. It quickly wraps you in a cocoon of calm, and continues easing you into a relaxed state until your troubles seem like a distant memory. These fast-acting, sedating effects can be medicinally beneficial when seeking relief from insomnia, stress or soreness.  

Quality: This batch of Peanut Butter Rockstar flower has beautifully cured, densely resinous buds with an aroma that will make your neighbours jealous. PBR is part of Crafty Cuts - our curated lineup of premium weed for those that appreciate the finer side of cannabis.

Peanut Butter Rockstar Cannabis Flower (Indica)

PriceFrom C$24.00
  • 26-30%

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