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Psilocybin Microdosing Starter Pack

The Schedule35 Starter Pack is thoughtfully crafted for both newcomers and seasoned microdosers. This comprehensive kit is your ticket to exploring the realms of consciousness, creativity, and emotional well-being in one convenient package.


What's Inside the S35 Starter Pack?

1x 100mg Microdose Capsules: Perfect for beginners, these capsules are precisely dosed to ensure a gentle introduction to the world of microdosing. Ideal for enhancing focus and creativity without overwhelming effects.

1x 200mg Microdose Capsules: Step up your microdosing experience with these capsules, designed for those familiar with psilocybin's subtle yet profound impact. Expect a boost in creativity and mental clarity.

1x 500mg Superdose Capsules: Experience the full potential of psilocybin with our Superdose capsules. Ideal for a deeper exploration of your mind and emotions, these capsules offer a more pronounced experience. Remember, the Superdose can have psychoactive effects, so use responsibly.


Why S35 Shrooms Are Better

Our commitment to quality starts from the ground up. Unlike traditional methods that use manure-based compost, our Golden Teacher magic mushrooms are cultivated in 100% organic coconut coir. This sterile, bacteria-free substrate not only ensures a purer product but also minimizes the common 'upset stomach' side effect. Each vegan capsule is filled with nothing but high-quality, North American-grown psilocybin mushrooms.


Key Benefits of Psilocybin

  • Enhanced Sensory Perception: Experience life in high-definition, with amplified colors and sounds.
  • Mood Improvement: Numerous studies indicate psilocybin's effectiveness in alleviating symptoms of depression, anxiety, and stress.
  • Personal Breakthroughs: High doses of psilocybin can lead to significant personal insights and a refreshed perspective on life.


Dosage Guide: Find Your Sweet Spot

Microdose (50mg to 250mg): Ideal for a subtle, background enhancement of your day-to-day activities.
Microdose + (250mg to 500mg): A step up for those with higher tolerance, offering a more noticeable yet manageable effect.
Half dose (500mg to 1g): Expect a mild body high and potential light visual experiences, perfect for those exploring beyond microdosing.
Full dose (1g to 2g): Embark on a significant psychedelic journey, with sensory amplifications and visual anomalies.
Deep dose (2g to 3g): Dive into profound introspection and connectivity, accompanied by intense visual and auditory experiences.
Heroic dose (3g+): Reserved for experienced users seeking transformative insights. This dose requires preparation and supervision.


Tips to Optimize Your Experience

  • Set a clear intention.
  • Create a comfortable and safe environment.
  • Embrace and submit to the experience.


Your Journey Awaits

Use the Schedule35 Psilocybin Starter Pack as a launchpad to self-discovery and enhanced well-being. Whether you're a beginner or experienced with shrooms, this kit offers a tailored experience to meet your needs. Discover the life changing benefits of psilocybin microdosing today.

Disclaimer: Psilocybin is a powerful compound and should be used responsibly. Always adhere to local laws and regulations regarding its use.

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