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Limited Edition 5 Gram Magic Mushroom Chocolate Bars from Schedule35 + Chronic Ink

Schedule35 is offering two exciting new limited run flavours in their lineup of heavenly 5g shroom infused chocolate bars. These special edition flavours are a creative collaboration, with artwork from Toronto's accalimed tattoo shop Chronic Ink. Each bar contains 5 grams of premium Golden Teacher mushrooms, dosed at 333mg per square of chocolate. Get em' while they last!


Product Description (From Schedule35)

A Collaboration of Self Expression

Psilocybin helps us dive deep into our inner selves, revealing who we truly are. Tattoos, on the other hand, let us express that unique identity and our life experiences. We see these two as two sides of the same coin—psilocybin allows us to explore our inner world, while tattoos let us express it to the world around us.


S35 shares a unique history with Chronic Ink. Before we started this company, we were a group of best friends living in a two-bedroom condo in downtown Toronto — dreaming, collaborating, and navigating life’s winding roads together. This collaboration celebrates these meaningful connections and the chance to express our imagination through self-expression.


Rice Krispies Cereal Milk Chocolate - Rediscover your inner-kid with ASMR-worthy rice krispies drowned in silky milk chocolate. Each bite is a medley of creamy and crunchy goodness, taking you on a mind-bending trip down memory lane.


Strawberry Shortcake White Chocolate - Ditch the diet and treat yourself to sweet indulgence. Handcrafted with strawberry pieces and buttery shortcake crumbs, drenched together in creamy white chocolate.


Limited Chocolate Bundle - Two irresistible treats so you don't have to choose just one. Treat your sweet tooth with buttery shortcake pieces with strawberries in white chocolate and crispy rice krispies in creamy milk chocolate.


S35 Dosing Guide

  • Microdose (50mg to 250mg) - This sub-perceptual amount is designed to work in the background without any psychoactive effects. The only thing you'll feel is the urge to get more sh*t done
  • Microdose + (250mg to 500mg) - Enhance your microdose without noticeable visual or physical effects. Ideal for individuals with higher tolerance levels.
  • Half dose (500mg to 1g) - This will deliver a subtle but noticeable level of body high and giddiness. Those with lower tolerances may start to have visual experiences.
  • Full dose (1g to 2g) - This should embark you on a full-on trip. With this dosage you'll have the body high and may begin to see visual anomalies (think objects swaying and fractal patterns) along with other sensory amplifications.
  • Deep dose (2g to 3g) - This is entering serious dose territory. You may experience a heightened sense of "oneness" with the natural elements and people around you, and powerful visual and auditory hallucinations. You might also receive new, unfamiliar patterns of thought.
  • Heroic dose (3g+) - Anything beyond 3 grams could be considered a "heroic" dose. A dose this strong should be taken under supervision, with preparation, and in the pursuit of an intentional goal. Doses this strong are for experienced users.

Schedule35 + Chronic Ink Shroom Chocolate Bars

PriceFrom C$60.00
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