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Straight Goods Supply Cannabis Infused Gummies - 300mg THC

Looking for a treat that’s as tasty as it is relaxing? Straight Goods has you covered with their new line of cannabis-infused THC gummies. These little delights come in six irresistible flavours, ready to make your taste buds sing and your mind unwind. Each pack contains 8 gummies. Each gummy contains 37.5 mg of THC.



  • Watermelon: Refreshing and juicy, just like biting into a slice of summer.

  • Juicy Grape: Bursting with the sweet and tangy goodness of concord grapes.

  • Black Cherry: Rich, dark, and just the right amount of sweet. It’s like a cherry on top of your day.

  • Blue Raspberry: A blast of artificially awesome blue raspberry taste.

  • Mango Peach: Tropical vibes with a sweet peachy twist. It’s like a mini-vacation in every bite.

  • Variety Pack: Can’t decide? The Variety Pack’s got all the fruity goodness you crave.


Each pack comes with 8 gummies, perfectly dosed to give you a consistent, enjoyable experience every time. Whether you’re winding down after work, looking for some stress relief, or just treating yourself, these gummies are your new best friend.


Why You’ll Love Straight Goods' Gummies:

  • Top-Notch Quality: Made with premium cannabis extract, these gummies deliver a smooth, reliable high.

  • Flavourful Fun: Effective – but delicious too.

  • Just the Right Dose: Each gummy is precisely dosed so you know exactly what you’re getting every time.

  • On-the-Go Goodness: Pop them in your bag and take them wherever your day leads.


Dosing Guide: 

Light Dose: 1-2 Pieces

Medium Dose: 3-4 Pieces

High Dose: 5-6 Pieces