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White Truffle is a divinely aromatic indica that should be on every cannabis connoiusseur's wishlist. It delivers a swift, mind-clearing high that melts seamlessly into full-body tranquility. Savour the earthy, slightly skunky aroma as you unwind with White Truffle – perfect for relieving stress and fatigue. This craft harvest will wow you with its showy trichomes, deep purple hues, and loud inviting scent.
Strain Type: Indica Dominant (80% indica)
THC Content: 25-29%
Genetics: White Truffle is an indica phenotype of Gorilla Butter, which itself is a cross between Gorilla Glue #4 and Peanut Butter Breath.
Flavour and Fragrance: The White Truffle strain boasts a captivating aroma. Intensely earthy, it hints at fragrant forest undergrowth, rich and alive with scent. Pungent notes of skunky gas add intrigue to the bouquet and draw you in. On the palate, it bursts with savoury earthiness and a rich, hashy flavour. Bold and memorable, White Truffle has a taste that makes you want to slow down and appreciate each puff.
Effects: White Truffle, with its high THC and terpene content, offers a soothing, deeply relaxing experience. Its effects feel like slipping into a warm bath for your senses, a luxurious escape from the demands of the day. Worries fade as gentle calm washes over you, offering you a chance to unplug from the daily grind and bask in tranquility.
Quality: White Truffle Indica Flower is part of our Crafty Cuts collection, a selection of premium cannabis for the discerning enthusiast. Look forward to top-tier buds with rich flavour and powerful effects that will leave you feeling truly satisfied. 

White Truffle Cannabis Flower (Indica)

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  • 25-29%

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