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5-UP Shroom Capsules - 10 x 500mg


Enjoy precision dosing your favourite magic mushroom strains with StrainSeek's house brand of psilocybin capsules. Each capsule contains 500mg (half gram) of premium strain-specific psilocybe cubensis mushrooms. Packaged in a discreet and childproof squeeze-top container, 5-UP capsules come in a set of 10, with a total 5g of shrooms in every pack.


We first started offering 5-UPs on our magic mushroom menu in 2019, in response to a growing demand for potent shroom capsules without any extra fillers. At the time, there were very few capsule vendors and microdosing was practically unheard of. Since then we've seen countless psilocybin products come and go, but 5-UP remains one of the best-selling products we offer. 


Here are some of the top reasons our customers prefer 5-UPs:


Guaranteed Potency - If you've tried our magic mushrooms, you already know they're strong! Our capsules are made with the same shrooms that are available for order on our Dried Magic Mushrooms page. At Strainseek we only stock the good stuff, so be sure that your capsules will contain potent, top-shelf cubensis. We make 'em, and we stand by 'em. If you're not satisfied with the potency of your purchase, contact us and we'll make it right. 


Strain Selection - 5-UP capsules are available in a curated variety of popular p. cubensis strains. We select our top varieties based on customer feedback, potency tests and overall demand.  As our selection of dried mushrooms expands, so does the number of varieties we offer in capsule format. 


Exceptional Value - Above all, our customers love having access to premium, unadulterated shroom capsules at a bargain. If you're wondering how we're able to offer such competitive pricing on 5-UP, it's really quite simple: When we get a fresh batch of shrooms at StrainSeek, we pick out only the whole, undam