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Amazon Dong Magic Mushrooms (Albino Penis Envy x Amazonian)

Amazon Dong is a potent hybridized strain of magic mushrooms, bred and grown right here in London, Ontario. It combines genetics from the Amazonian (Amazon) and Albino Penis Envy (APE) cubensis varieties to produce a beautiful looking mushroom that also happens to be a psychedelic powerhouse.


This strain takes on the most striking physical traits from both parents. Its wavy golden caps are reminiscent of Amazonians while its thick, blue-bruised stems are inherited from Albino PE. The current batch contains many picture-perfect specimens, with intact fruits, stems and even clusters.


Amazon Dong is a high potency strain. This batch tested at 1.2-1.4% total tryptamine content, using the Psilo-Q test kit. For microdoses, we recommend keeping it under 200mg to start. For a full psychedelic experience 2-4g should suffice depending on your body mass and tolerance.


Commonly reported effects of Amazon Dong include:

  • Visual distortion of light, colours, shadows. 
  • Synesthesia - a blending of the senses, where someone may visualize music, or taste colours. 
  • Deep introspection, personal breakthroughs.
  • Feelings of peace and contentment that come from feeling connected to the universe. 

Amazon Dong Magic Mushrooms (APE x Amazon)

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