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Back by popular demand, TRU Mycadelics once again offer your favourite psilocybin mushroom varieties in a 400mg capsule format! With no extra ingredients added, these p. cubensis caps are great when you want to consume a precisely measured dose of your favourite magic mushroom strain, without the fuss and fillers. This jar contains 20 capsules, each containing 400mg of dried, milled Amazonian magic mushrooms. That's 8 grams of premium, potent Amazonian psilocybe cubensis mushrooms in every jar!

Amazonian, also known as PES Amazonian or Amazon is an above-average potency variety of magic mushrooms that has been in cultivation for decades. The spores were originally collected from the depths of the Amazon rainforest, and have been refined over the years with selective breeding. Its effects can manifest as pronounced bodily vibration or buzzing, a inclination to move, subtle visual stimulation with geometric patterns, and a deep sense of inner tranquility and contemplation.

Amazonian Magic Mushroom Capsules | 8g Jar | TRU Mycadelics

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  • Store in a cool, dark place away from the reach of animals and children.