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Bud Shake, or shake weed is the mix of small buds, trichomes and other plant matter that naturally break off cannabis flowers from handling. It's the stuff you see at the bottom of your bag that tells you it's time to restock. Shake can be just as (and sometimes even more) potent than the bud it comes from. This is because it's mostly made up of resinous flower tips and trichomes that break off and settle at the bottom of the container they were stored in. 

Needless to say we accumulate a lot of shake. Since our shake comes right off our premium high-THC flower, we get requests for this stuff all the time! It's inexpensive and has a number of uses:

Smoke and vape. Our Bud Shake contains no trim, just what came off our market-ready buds. There is a large number of small intact buds in each bag. Potency is consistently over 20% THC and has been tested as high as 26%. This makes our Bud Shake a viable option for the non-picky smoker or vaper. Like the rest of our flower, Bud Shake is packaged with 62% Boveda to preserve freshness and terpenes!

Cook and extract. Short of growing your own, Bud Shake is the most cost effective way to make your own infusions. Extractions don't care where the cannabinoids come from, so save yourself some dough on your next batch!

Note: This product has an updated format. While we no longer offer the Indica, Sativa and Hybrid specific jars, we're making it up to you with a price-drop that makes Bud Shake an even better value than before! 


Bud Shake | 28g

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  • THC 21-26%

  • 28g

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