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1.5 Gram Indica Distillate and Kief Infused Preroll
Indulge in decadent relaxation with Burn’s premium 1.5g Infused Indica prerolls. Designed to delight, each pre-roll is made using only the finest strain-specific flower, infused with potent distillate, and generously coated in kief for a truly luxurious smoke. Encased in a durable hard tube for freshness and protection, this joint delivers a deep, full-bodied effect that soothes and sedates, making it the perfect choice when you want to kick back and take it easy. 


What is an Infused Pre-Roll?

An infused pre-roll is a cannabis joint that enhances the traditional smoking experience with additional cannabis products. Unlike a regular joint, which contains only ground cannabis flower, an infused pre-roll also includes cannabis distillate—a highly concentrated form of cannabis oil—applied throughout the flower. This is further enriched by a coating of kief, the crystalline residue of trichomes full of cannabinoids and terpenes. This combination intensifies the effects, flavour, and potency, providing a more dynamic and powerful experience.


  • Peach Ringz Flower x Pink Kush Kief Distillate x Pink Kush Kief
  • Strawnana Flower x MKU Bubba Distillate x Headbanger Kief
  • Cognac Flower x Death Bubba Distillate x Headbanger Kief
  • Bubblegum Flower x Bubba Kush Distillate x Death Bubba Kief

Burn Infused Pre-roll (Indica) | 1.5g Joint

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