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1.5 Gram Sativa Distillate and Kief Infused Preroll

Energize your senses with Burn’s premium 1.5g Infused Sativa prerolls. Crafted for upliftment, each pre-roll is prepared with only the best strain-specific flower, infused with potent distillate, and liberally coated in kief for an exquisitely vibrant smoke. Housed in a sturdy hard tube to maintain freshness and integrity, this joint provides an invigorating, cerebral effect that stimulates and enlivens, making it the ideal choice for enhancing creativity or boosting your mood.


What is an Infused Pre-Roll?

An infused pre-roll is a specially crafted cannabis joint that elevates the usual smoking experience by incorporating additional cannabis products. It starts with the standard ground cannabis flower and is enhanced with cannabis distillate, a potent, concentrated cannabis oil. This oil is evenly distributed throughout the flower and is complemented by a layer of kief, the powdery crystals that contain concentrated cannabinoids and terpenes. This potent mix amplifies the joint's effects, flavor, and strength, offering a more intense and enriched experience.



  • Grape Distillate x Fruit Punch Flower x Skunk Kief

Burn Infused Pre-roll (Sativa) | 1.5g Joint

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