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Frost Factory Premium Preroll Pack - 12 x 1 Gram Joints


Frost Factory is a craft cannabis producer that puts out some of the best AAAA flower in Canada. Each small-batch harvest goes through a specialized cold curing process that prevents terpenes from breaking down through the drying process. The final product is incredibly smooth and dank bud that gets you sky high.


Frost Factory's Premium 1g Prerolls contain the same Cold Cured Quad Flower that put them on the cannabis map. Available in a growing variety of popular strains, each preroll pack contains twelve 1g joints. If you're looking for AAAA prerolls that deliver a truly premium smoke, these certainly won't disappoint. 


Current Strains:

  • Passout Pink - Indica Dominant with sweet, woody, gas notes bred from Pink Kush and an unconfirmed parent. THC 25-28%
  • Blackberry Cream - Indica with a rich, berry flavour and smooth, creamy undertones. Bred from Blackberry Kush and Cookies & Cream. THC 24-28%


Frost Factory Says:

Convenient and tasty for on-the-go smoke. Each pre-roll contains one gram of iced out Frost Factory buds; no mids, no shake. You’ll receive 12 pre-rolls total, nestled in custom packaging so you’ll be able to indulge anywhere, anytime. 


At the factory, we select only the finest BC craft quads, which have been expertly grown and harvested in their prime. Under the perfect conditions our slow, cold hang-dried cure allows the flowers to mature until they reach their peak potential. Maximum flavour, and the smoothest burn; taste the difference our premium genetics provide.

Frost Factory Premium 1g Cold Cured Cannabis Prerolls

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