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Fruit Cake Hybrid Cannabis Flower

You don’t have to wait until Christmas to enjoy the sweet and citrusy goodness of Fruit Cake, a sinfully rich new hybrid that’s packed with exciting flavours and aromas. Sweet, sour, spicy - there’s something for everyone, much like the comfort food it’s named after. You may find yourself reaching for this one again and again until it’s gone. 

Strain Type: Balanced Hybrid

THC Content: 24-28%

Parent Strains: Cherry Pie x Key Lime Pie

Fragrance & Flavour: The fragrance of the classic fruit cake dessert may not be for everyone, but the Fruit Cake cannabis strain certainly is. It has a rich, universally appealing aroma that’s vibrant and pungent at the same time. Primary notes of sweet berries and zesty citrus set the stage for a symphony of scents that include damp earth, pine, spice and fruit. The sharp smell of gas cuts through the mix, and reminds us of the boozy background notes of the real Christmas fruit cake.

This eclectic terpene profile comes together to create a very tasty toke that’s sweet and earthy on the inhale, with the sharper sour notes noticeable on the exhale. 

Effects: Fruit Cake delivers a well-balanced high that’s welcome at any time - day or night. The uplifting and euphoric qualities from Cherry Pie enhance mood and creativity, making it great for socializing or working. Meanwhile, the calming and relaxing effects from Key Lime Pie help rid you of stress and tension, promoting tranquility and well-being. 

Quality: This premium harvest of Fruit Cake contains flowers that are as impressive as they are potent. From the luxuriously loud scent, to the boutique-grade aesthetics, everything about this bud screams SMOKE ME! This batch of Fruit Cake is part of Crafty Cuts, StrainSeek’s line of premium craft cannabis for the discerning enthusiast.

Fruit Cake Cannabis Flower (Hybrid)

PriceFrom C$24.00
  • 24-28%

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