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Melmac Mushrooms

Melmac magic mushrooms offer a portal to deep philosophical introspection and sensory excitement. With their sky-high tryptamine content, visually striking appearance, and rich Penis Envy lineage, Melmac shrooms are an ideal choice when you're after a psychedelic experience that offers a deep exploration of your innermost thoughts.


The name Melmac is a tongue-in-cheek reference to the the 80's sitcom ALF, in which Melmac was the planet that ALF came from. Also known as Melmac Penis Envy, this variety of Psilocybe cubensis is fast becoming a favourite among shroom connoisseurs for its ability to bring perspective and insight to those that seek it.


High Tryptamine Levels for a Transcendent Experience
Melmac Magic Mushrooms are noted for their exceptionally high tryptamine content. Users often report a heightened sense of connectivity to the world around them, along with profound spiritual and existential revelations.


These effects make Melmac an excellent choice for therapeutic use or for those seeking a deeper understanding of their psyche. Our Psilo-Q testing indicates that this batch of Melmac shrooms contain between 1.4% and 1.6% total tryptamine, guaranteeing an unforgettable psychedelic experience.


Unique Appearance with Penis Envy Lineage
Aesthetically, Melmac Magic Mushrooms are beautiful to behold. Their appearance is a result of their lineage, which traces back to the legendary Penis Envy mushroom strain. This genetic connection not only contributes to their appealing form but also to their psychoactive prowess. Melmac shrooms have thick, white stems, often decorated with heavy blue bruising. The caps are bulbous with wavy edges and a rich golden colour. 


Grown for Purity and Potency
This premium harvest of Melmac mushrooms was cultivated with care by expert growers that use sanitary growing practices. Our quality control ensures that you'll get freshly dried fruits, with intact stems and caps that retain their natural potency and purity, while enhancing your overall experience. 


Order Melmac Mushrooms Online
Buying Melmac Magic Mushrooms online is a breeze with our secure online ordering. We prioritize your privacy and satisfaction, and strive to offer a hassle-free shopping experience from start to finish. Our discreet packaging and efficient delivery & shipping ensure that your purchase is both private and prompt. Tailored to the varied needs of our customers, our Melmacs are available in 7g, 14g and 28g packs. Harness the psychedelic powers of Melmac and explore the vast potential of your mind!

Melmac Magic Mushrooms

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