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Mendo Breath Indica Dominant Cannabis Flower

Mendo Breath is an indica leaning strain developed by Gage Green Genetics. The 'Mendo' refers to Mendocino, one of California's top wine and cannabis producing regions. Mendo Breath captures the essence of Mendocino where the air smells sweet and people are easygoing and approachable. Mendo Breath, with it's sweet caramel flavour and soothing effects, is the perfect summer strain for relaxing by a campfire or snoozing in a hammock.

Strain Type: Indica dominant (70% indica)

Parent Strains: OG Kush Breath x Mendo Montage

THC Content: 22-25%

Fragrance and Flavour: Mendo Breath has a sugary sweet nose that combines caramel and vanilla, with gentler notes of berries, pine and mint weaving through the fragrance. It's unique to say the least! The flavour is just as indulgent and comforting, with a sweet inhale and woody/earthy exhale. 

Effects: Mendo Breath offers a balanced experience of cerebral uplift and deep body relaxation. The initial head high gently eases into a soothing body sensation, perfect for unwinding after a long day. For medical use, it's your go-to strain for stress relief, chronic pain management, and insomnia.

Appearance: Fresh out of a long cure, our Mendo Breath flowers are highly fragrant and finely manicured. The emerald green buds are dense, firm, and uniformly shaped like fuzzy little eggs. 

Mendo Breath Cannabis Flower (Indica)

PriceFrom C$20.00
  • 22-25%