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S35 Shroom Infused Chocolate Bars (5 Gram Bar)

(Product Description from Schedule35)


Our psilocybin chocolate bars are packed with enough shrooms to launch you into Mars before Elon does. Share the gift of delicious shroom chocolate with some lucky friends. They’re so damn good you’ll want them all to yourself. We won’t judge you for it.


Each piece is carefully dosed so you can easily share the psychedelic experience with your lover, your friend, or all to yourself. 


With 333mg of Psilocybe cubensis in each piece, you can either microdose these delicious bites of goodness or take half of the bar for a mind-bending adventure.


And you can't go wrong with these 3 mouth-watering flavours. A variety of choices is there for all your cravings. Whether you're in the mood for indulging or your dentist told you to chill out on the sweets, we've got you covered.


Raspberry Dark Chocolate - It’s a bittersweet symphony of irresistible flavors. Made with real raspberry pieces and 100% organic cocoa, this perfect combination of sweet and tart will make you rethink the importance of having balance in your life. Gluten-free and vegans will love it. Dark chocolate is rich with antioxidants and raspberries are a fruit. And fruits are good for you, right? Take a guilt-free trip into the cosmos and come back down to earth better than ever.


Crunchy Mocha Chocolate - 5 grams of shrooms never tasted this good. Brace your tastebuds for an avalanche of flavour you won't want to run from. We used real chocolate and real Oreo pieces so you can feel all the benefits of our naturally-grown Golden Teacher mushrooms. Your tastebuds will love us but we can't say the same about your dentist.


Chocolate Hazelnut Crunch - No more raw shrooms in between a Nutella sandwich to mask the funky taste. You’re better than this now. This dynamic duo of crunchy, roasted hazelnuts and smooth milk chocolate is a mouth-watering way to launch yourself into outer space. Made with 100% real, roasted hazelnuts and rich milk chocolate. It's a playful medley of textures, that goes back and forth between an addicting crunch and silky smooth chocolate.


How much to take?

Microdose (50mg to 250mg) - This sub-perceptual amount is designed to work in the background without any psychoactive effects. The only thing you'll feel is the urge to get more sh*t done

Microdose + (250mg to 500mg) - Enhance your microdose without noticeable visual or physical effects. Ideal for individuals with higher tolerance levels.

Half dose (500mg to 1g) - This will deliver a subtle but noticeable level of body high and giddiness. Those with lower tolerances may start to have visual experiences.

Full dose (1g to 2g) - This should embark you on a full-on trip. With this dosage you'll have the body high and may begin to see visual anomalies (think objects swaying and fractal patterns) along with other sensory amplifications.

Deep dose (2g to 3g) - This is entering serious dose territory. You may experience a heightened sense of "oneness" with the natural elements and people around you, and powerful visual and auditory hallucinations. You might also receive new, unfamiliar patterns of thought.

Heroic dose (3g+) - Anything beyond 3 grams could be considered a "heroic" dose. A dose this strong should be taken under supervision, with preparation, and in the pursuit of an intentional goal. Doses this strong are for experienced users.

Schedule35 Premium Shroom Chocolate Bars

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