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Schedule35 Magic Mushroom Tea

Experience the transformative potential of psilocybin in a comforting cup of shroom tea. Enhance your mornings and set the stage for a day filled with focus, calm, and inspired creativity.


Mushroom tea is a smoother, easier-to-digest alternative to consuming raw shrooms, delivering pronouced effects that kick in faster. Its benefits include improved focus, reduced anxiety, and a boost in creativity –  all with minimal risk of adverse effects.


Schedule 35 Mushroom Tea Bags contain premium all-natural organic ingredients infused with top-shelf Golden Teacher p. cubensis mushrooms. Explore three deliciously aromatic blends that will awaken your senses:


Mango Dragon Fruit 200mg Shroom Tea
200mg shrooms/tea bag. 10 tea bags/pack. 2 grams shrooms total.
Ditch the coffee jitters and start your day with a burst of tropical refreshment! This tea is packed with real mango and sweet dragon fruit for a fruity energy boost. Add a warm cup of perfection to your morning routine. Great for microdoses! 


Strawberry Lemonade 750mg Shroom Tea
750mg shrooms/tea bag. 10 tea bags/pack. 7.5 grams shrooms total.
Discover a refreshingly delicious way to banish fatigue with a blend of strawberry, premium tea leaves and a touch of tart lemon. The sweet, tangy flavor will tantalize your taste buds while revitalizing your mind and body.


Floral Peaches 2000mg Shroom Tea

2g shrooms/tea bag. 5 tea bags/pack. 10 grams shrooms total.

Each sip brings you closer to paradise! Is it the juicy bursts of peach and heavenly aroma, or the potent 2 grams of mushrooms packed into every serving? Buckle up and prepare for liftoff – this tea's an out-of-this-world experience.


How to Make Mushroom Tea

  1. Pour 250ml of boiling water
  2. Steep tea bag for 15 minutes
  3. Remove tea bag
  4. Enjoy and have the best day! 

Schedule35 Shroom Tea

PriceFrom C$40.00
  • Golden Teacher mushrooms, hibiscus, currants, pineapple pieces, black tea, mango flavouring, dragonfruit pieces