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So High Extracts THC + Terpene Distillate is a premium blend of 95% THC distillate, masterfully infused with organic terpenes to create a potent, flavourful, and highly versatile cannabis concentrate. Packaged in a premium 1ml (1g) glass syringe for convenient dispensing, and available in a large variety of flavour blends to suit your preference. 

So High Extracts is a homegrown company located in Vancouver BC that manufacture concentrates and vapes. Made from high-quality cannabis sourced from local BC growers, they deliver a pure and potent product that's free of solvents and harmful additives. 


Understanding Terpene Distillate

THC terpene distillate is a cannabis concentrate that combines the pure potency of THC distillate with the flavour and potential therapeutic benefits of organic terpenes. 


Distillate on its own is a highly refined product that can contain upwards of 99% THC, with most other compounds including terpenes removed during the distillation process. While this results in a very potent product, it lacks the complex flavours, aromas, and potential synergistic benefits of the full spectrum of cannabis compounds.


Terpenes are aromatic compounds found in many plants, including cannabis, and they contribute to the plant's scent, flavour, and potentially to its effects on the body and mind. By reintroducing terpenes into the THC distillate, manufacturers can create a product that not only has the high potency but also offers a more enjoyable and potentially therapeutic consumption experience. For example, a THC terpene distillate could be formulated to mimic the terpene profile of a particular cannabis strain, combining the strain's characteristic flavours and aromas with the high potency of pure THC.


How to Use THC Distillate:

THC terpene distillate is a remarkably versatile extract. Here are a few of the ways it can be most effectively consumed:

  • Vape for controlled and flavourful THC delivery.
  • Use in a dab rig or a dab pen for an immediate and long lasting high.
  • Infuse your joints or prerolls to enhance their flavour and potency.
  • Consume orally by adding into (prepared) edibles, or apply sublingually for quick absorption and effects. 
  • Blend with topicals for localized pain relief without getting high.


Tips for Use:

  • Begin by consuming a smaller quantity, and adjust your consumption as you gauge your tolerance.
  • Mind the temperature of your device, and apply heat conservatively to preserve the quality of terpenes and cannabinoids.
  • Store correctly at room temperature and away from sunlight to maintain the distillate’s integrity.
  • Consume responsibly, keeping in ming that the effects of THC vary by individual.

Premium THC Distillate | So High Extracts

  • 95.79%

  • 1ml/1g

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