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Willo Full Spectrum Sativa Gummies - 200mg THC/Pack


Designed with your dynamic lifestyle in mind, Willo Sativa (Day) Gummies are the perfect daytime companion. Whether you're tackling a creative project, exploring the outdoors, or simply going about your day, these juicy non-sticky cannabis-infused gummies offer an enjoyable sativa uplift that complements your activities without overwhelming them.


Understanding your need for control and consistency, each Willo Sativa gummy is precisely dosed with 20mg of THC, using full spectrum sativa cannabis extract. Accurate dosing allows you to easily tailor your experience to suit your tolerance, and makes these gummies suitable for both newcomers and seasoned users. There are 10 gummies in each pack, for a pack total of 200mg THC. Willo's 200mg THC Sativa Gummies are available in 4 fresh flavours to keep things interesting. 


For those new to cannabis edibles, we recommend starting with a half gummy (10mg THC) to gauge your tolerance. Allow up to two hours to experience the full effects before considering an additional dose. Seasoned users may adjust the dosage according to their preference and desired experience. Always remember, mindful consumption is the key to effective use!


Experience the blend of taste, texture, and full-spectrum precision that sets Willo's gummies apart from the rest. 


Product Description from Willo:

Whether you just need to take the edge off and unwind on your couch or you are going on an adventure, these Willo gummies are the perfect edible.

- 10 gummies/bag x 20mg each
- 200mg THC (sativa) per bag
- Winterized CO2 full spectrum oil


We offer our Sativa 200mg THC Daytime gummies in a variety of flavours:

  • Poppin'Pink Champage - Pop a gummy or two while you’re popping bottles. Perfect for birthdays, bridal showers, or any special occasion.
  • Rappin' Raspberry - A little sweet, a little sour, the perfect amount of buzz. 
  • Bumpin' Blueberry - Feeling a little blue? Our gummies will do just the trick.
  • Bubbly Bubble Tea - YES. WE REALLY DID THAT. Tastes like bubble tea and tapioca had a baby. The perfect blend of your two fave things.


About Willo: Born in the pandemic, raised through the lockdown & adapting to life – we offer a healthy natural alternative to pharmaceutical options to provide a sense of comfort. Whether you feel disoriented when you wake up or anxious before bed, we are there with you to adapt and adjust to your environment. Willo offers a wide range of CBD & THC products to fit your lifestyle. Whether you enjoy a sweet treat, a drop of euphoria or a calm cloud, we can offer a solution to adapt to your life.

Willo Sativa Gummies (Day) | 200mg THC