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3.5g Mexicana Mushroom Chips - Assorted Flavours

Product Description (from Zoomz)
Do you like eating shrooms, but hate the taste? Zoomz Shroom Chips bring you to whole new levels of enlightenment, with dangerously delicious flavours to fire up your taste buds and free your mind. They have the crunch and crisp of a potato chip and flavours that'll make you want to munch them all day long, the original shroom chip is sure to bring you where you want to go but be careful because they still pack a psychedelic punch!

The shrooms are all grown in-house, with organic grains and undergo a two-stage drying process that leaves virtually no H2O in the flesh. This not only brings the crispy texture to life, but also helps to preserve the precious alkaloids for best effects. The production process naturally promotes dephosphorylation, which organically synthesizes psilocybin into psilocin - and makes them hit harder and faster!

The Zoomz team is always working in the lab or kitchen to bring you the most strains and best flavours. We have the classic varieties like Golden Teachers, B+ and Amazonians. While also working on stronger crosses with Penis Envy and True Albino Teachers. There is a strain and flavour for everyone!

Zoomz Mexicana Shroom Chips

  • Store in original packaging in a cool, dry place.