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Zoomz 400mg Psilocybin Gummies - 4g Variety Pack

Discover a new level of mental clarity and calm with Zoomz Psilocybin Gummies. Designed to elevate your senses and soothe your mind, these 400mg mushroom gummies are the perfect addition to your wellness regimen. 


Zoomz gummies are crafted with a focus on efficacy and flavour. Every pack contains 10 non-sticky fruit gummies, each precisely dosed with 400mg premium psilocybin extract. A full bag contains the equivalent of 4000mg (4g) of magic mushrooms. 


Flavours in Every Pack:
Key Lime: A zesty burst that’s refreshingly tart.
Grape: Rich and full-bodied, like a ripe vineyard harvest.
Blue Raspberry: Sweet with a tangy twist that dazzles.
Orange Creamsicle: Creamy and dreamy with a citrus kiss.
Fruit Punch: A tropical medley that’s bursting with flavour.


Enhanced Mental Clarity: Helps sharpen your focus and brighten your outlook.
Mood Improvement: Gently supports emotional well-being and relaxation.
Premium Quality: Made with high-quality psilocybin extract to ensure a consistent and effective experience.
Digestive Comfort: Specially formulated for enjoyable consumption without gastrointestinal upset.


Suggested Use:
Microdose: Consume 1 gummy every other day.
Low Trip: Consume 2-3 gummies and wait one hour. Consume 1 additional gummy every 30 minutes until desired effects.

High Trip: Consume 6 gummies and wait one hour. Consume 1 additional gummy every 30 minutes until desired effects. 


Note: Psiloybin affects everyone differently. Do not mix with other drugs or medication. Do not consume if you are preganant, breastfeeding or have a history of mental illness. 

Zoomz Psilocybin Gummies | 4000mg

  • Cane sugar, spring water, gelatin, corn starch, corn syrup, coconut oil, citric acid, premium psilocybin extract, flavour, colour

  • Store in original packaging in a cool, dry place. 

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