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The Aztec God mushroom strain traces its roots back to the Aztec civilization, a society that thrived for millennia. Historical records indicate that the Aztecs deliberately ingested these shrooms with full awareness of the altered state of consciousness they would encounter as a result. This practice is referenced in numerous examples of Aztec art and language, with strong evidence to suggest that they were used to grow their spiritual awareness.


Aztec God mushrooms typically have medium-sized fruits. These fungi are characterized by their long, robust stems that exhibit a yellowish-white hue. The caps, small to medium in size, display colors ranging from a lustrous golden-brown to a rich chestnut brown.


The consumption of Aztec God mushrooms can lead you to experiences of a spiritual and mystical nature. Users often report a sense of tranquility, relaxation, and profound connection to both humans and nature. Aztec God, Huautla, Mazatepec, and Mexicube, are considered some of the most suitable magic mushroom strains for therapeutic and ceremonial/spiritual use. 

Aztec God Magic Mushrooms

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