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Wedding Crasher Hybrid Cannabis Flower

The Wedding Crasher strain is a marriage made in weed heaven. A harmonious union between Wedding Cake and Purple Punch gave birth to this sweet hybrid beauty - a bonafide feast for the senses. Her dazzling icy buds exude an enticingly rich fragrance that's hard to turn down. Paired with balanced relaxing and uplifting effects, you've got the perfect summer strain to get the party started - just in time for wedding season!

Strain Type: Balanced Hybrid - The Wedding Crasher strain can have indica dominant, sativa dominant or balanced traits. Our current harvest is from an evenly balanced phenotype.

THC Content: 22-25%

Parent Strains: Wedding Cake x Purple Punch

Fragrance and Flavour: Wedding Crasher has a complex fragrance with a tantalizing blend of scents. As you open the bag, you’re greeted by a whiff of ripe grapes and fresh berries, thanks to its Purple Punch lineage. The fruity bouquet is perfectly complemented by subtle hints of creamy vanilla and earthy undertones inherited from Wedding Cake. This comforting mix creates a silky smooth smoke that's easy on the palate, and enjoyable till the very last toke. 

Effects: Wedding Crasher offers a high that's as engaging as it is soothing. From the first puff, you’re greeted with an uplifting surge of happiness that brightens your mood and sparks sociability. As the high settles in, a calming wave of relaxation gently melts away tension and stress, all without leaving you glued to the couch. This balanced hybrid is a versatile choice, whether you’re mingling with friends or enjoying some well-earned solo time. With Wedding Crasher, you’re left feeling blissfully relaxed, and refreshingly clear-headed.

Aesthetics: This batch of craft-grown Wedding Crasher cannabis has great bag appeal! The flowers are a pretty shade of pastel green, with soft purple highlights and delicate orange stigmas adding visual contrast. An abundance of glistening trichomes give the buds an almost luminous appearance. Wedding Crasher is as visually captivating as it is flavourful, making it a standout choice for both connoisseurs and casual users alike.

Wedding Crasher Cannabis Flower (Hybrid)

PriceFrom C$22.00
  • THC 22-25%

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